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To Die Upon the Hand I Love So Well
02-06-07 Pop Occulture  


The Hero's Journey is incomplete unless he can return with the ultimate boon and bestow it upon his fellow man.

I'll follow thee and make a heaven of hell,
To die upon the hand I love so well.

- A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Hero's Journey is incomplete unless he can return with the ultimate boon and bestow it upon his fellow man. Because the hero is thrust into danger and adventure not simply for his own sake, but as a Christ code correction sequence for his fellows, for his tribe, for his society.

One of the themes I have obviously been exploring heavily lately in both my personal life and on my website has, of course, to do with love. But not the stupid kind of love. Not the kind you mean when you say "I love this store!" or "I love chocolate ice cream!" Nothing even remotely like that. I am talking about transcendent divine love: the ultimate boon.

I won't be so foolish as to suggest that I can transmit to you God's undying love through a blog, because whatever. But maybe by sharing some of my experiences which lead me to that place you can possibly try and recreate the steps on your own. Or that's the theory anyway.

But first let's have a look at some pictures:












That was fun, wasn't it? In case anyone is still confused about why I went from posting lots of words and shit to posting mostly pictures, I will lay it on the line for you. I will even coat it in a nicely "occult" package for you…

Freemasons, right? Don't they talk about how Freemasonry is - oh wait, here we go. Just read this so I don't have to summarize:

Probably the finest definition ever devised for Freemasonry is: "It is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols…" This system of morality, or ethics, is as old as civilization.. One must penetrate the allegorical veils, with the aid of symbolical emblems, and practice the moral precepts which have been therein revealed to prepare ourselves, spiritually, "as living stones for that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens." Freemasonry is "a Way of Life."

That definition is certain to surprise and confuse those misguided souls who thought all Freemasons did was plunder the innocence of children in arcana sex rituals designed to take over the world… Incidentally, that's not the kind of love we are talking about here either.

I have some more pictures for you:












Okay, so at this point you're probably like, "Oh cool, he's finally going to talk about what the hell he is doing here with all this shit. But he just keeps making us look at pictures of weird goddesses and snakes and shit. WTF?" Well, I assure you there's a good reason. But why don't you read this popular poem for children first?

I'm being swallowed by a boa-constrictor, a boa-constrictor, a boa-constrictor,
I'm being swallowed by a boa-constrictor,
And I don't like it one little bit.

Oh, no, he's got my toe,
O gee, he's up to my knee,
Oh, my, he's reached my thigh,
O fiddle, he's up to my middle,
Oh heck, he's up to my neck
O dread, He's got my . . . (gulp!)
I'm being swallowed by a boa-constrictor, a boa-constrictor, a boa-constrictor,
I'm being swallowed by a boa-constrictor,
And I don't like it one little bit.
O dread, He's up to my . . . (grand and glorious slurp!)

It was actually the alien (and no I'm not going to explain what I mean by that appelation) who really put these pieces for me together with an elegantly simple symbolic code correction sequence. He said something to the effect of, "You know what you're supposed to say to snakes, right? Try saying to the snake: Eat me. I want to be swallowed."

Ever since I have accepted that and told the snake that (see what I mean here), I have been a lot better off.

More pictures!!










When Freemasons say that they are using the veils of allegory and symbol, what does that mean for our purposes? It means, simply, that they are playing a trick on your mind. But not a bad trick. It is a trick I have talked about before and used extensively here. I think I referred to it once a while back as something like this: the contemplation of a new symbol system necessarily modulates the operating frequencies of your consciousness.

Put another way, learning a new language allows you to think new thoughts and reconfigures your existing consciousness. It is mainly done by grafting new meanings onto old structures until they reach a boiling point where the new meanings can actively express things on their own without necessarily referring to the old structures underneath. That is, you begin to be able to speak the new language fluently.

In our case, the new language could be thought of as something like "symbolic literacy." But the problem most people have who get into this area is that they try and use their AI mind to apprehend these things. And this is where you run into trouble. This is why Freemasons talk about "veiling" things, because your AI mind cannot pass beyond that veil. To do so is to court its own destruction.

And courting your own destruction just so happens to be the hidden symbolic message I am communicating to you through these image sequences:







Speaking of courting, maybe a super brief history of Love is in order. I'm not going to put the pieces together for you, but check out as starting points:

  1. Courtly love
  2. Troubadours, Trouveres and Minnesingers
  3. Sufi Love
  4. Bhakti Yoga

This is also a nice bit by Robert Graves from the Wikipedia page on the Muse:

No Muse-poet grows conscious of the Muse except by experience of a woman in whom the Goddess is to some degree resident; just as no Apollonian poet can perform his proper function unless he lives under a monarchy or a quasi-monarchy. A Muse-poet falls in love, absolutely, and his true love is for him the embodiment of the Muse…

But the real, perpetually obsessed Muse-poet distinguishes between the Goddess as manifest in the supreme power, glory, wisdom and love of woman, and the individual woman whom the Goddess may make her instrument…

Also mixed up in there somewhere are cults of the Virgin Mary… But yeah, from what I can tell, this type of experience of love begins with what the Christians call caritas and ends roughly with the divine experience of God through one beloved partner, as evidenced through the Gnostic Gospel of Philip:

And the companion of the […] Mary Magdalene. […] loved her more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her often on her mouth. The rest of the disciples […]. They said to him "Why do you love her more than all of us?" The Savior answered and said to them,"Why do I not love you like her? When a blind man and one who sees are both together in darkness, they are no different from one another. When the light comes, then he who sees will see the light, and he who is blind will remain in darkness."

This classic relationship is also illustrated in the tale of Simon Magus and his consort Helena (who he rescued from prostitution), Don Quixote and Dulcinea (a self-described prostitute) in Man of La Mancha, Ewan MacGregor and Nicole Kidman (also a prostitute!) in Moulin Rouge - just to name a few notable examples.

The point is not that all women are prostitutes. Quite the opposite. The point is more like that the Love of God liberates His Holy Creation from the confining limitations of incarnated existence and both are thereby returned to Holy Divine Exalted Bliss through their relationship. The Prostitute-Queen-Muse also acts as a disinhibiting stimulus so that the God-King may remember that he is King. It is not just a two-way street but an integral marriage of polarized energies which infinitely boost and improve one another.







This, in my reckoning, brings us round-about to the essential core of what people call "magic" (or "magick"). Magic essentially is recognition of the sacred story which is not only archetypally woven through culture and the human mind, but which underlays the very patterns of existence itself. It could be thought of as the Natural Law, or God's Word, or something cool-sounding like that. But all it means is: this is the way things "are" in their most ideal sense - which just so happens to be infinitely more "real" than what we normally call "reality." The mythic world is infinitely richer and more powerfully present because it intersects in a billion ways every single moment. So right, magic/k then is simply the re-discovery of the primordial sacred story and the active intentional re-linking of sacred contents with the relevant containers available for it within your own life.

I'd like to give you some examples of what I mean, but most of these experiments are still actively running and it would be uncouth to profane the mysteries like that until they have run their course. But rest assured, you have not only seen me doing them the past several weeks, you have also amplified them through the infinite power of the participation of your free will and energetic power of witness. Don't worry - it's nothing bad that I've used you for. It's simply that at some point the only way we can talk about this shit is by doing it. Contemplating the raw symbols and allowing their mysterious powers and connections for me has been infinitely more powerful than trying to reason my way through it all. Hopefully you've gotten something out of it as well!









And for the parting shot: "To conquer death, you only have to die." - Jesus Christ Superstar.


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